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About Us

The Destination Dream Foundation is a non-profit  organization that will take a multi-disciplinary approach to neighborhood revitalization. Cleveland has many existing youth workforce development programs that suffer from low attendance due to poor resource coordination and lack of effective social media marketing. 


Destination Dream’s programming has effectively utilized social media and word of mouth to facilitate 100% youth attendance and participation. Many neighborhoods in Cleveland, including Buckeye, have suffered from disinvestment caused by redlining that results in high crime rates, community trauma and illiteracy. Many residents come from low and working class income families. Destination Dream Foundation effectively meets youth and participants where they are at to empower them based on their own existing goals and needs.

The Destination Dream Foundation was born at Kent State University back in 2012 as the brand originally started as a "Destination Dream" a video media interview platform for local musicians. Our mission was to "Inspire the uninspired" artist to follow their dreams in terms of putting action behind their creative talents. The movement expanded in 2014 as we became successful in our first crowdfunding campaign via the Kick Starter platform as we raised over $2,000 for artist recognition for the inner city local Cleveland artist community.

Now creating the official "Destination Dream Foundation" we are dedicated to expanding our efforts of inspiring the uninspired inner city youth to invest in themselves by providing them with the opportunities necessary to create economic value from their business model by turning their creative ideas into generated revenue and personal capital.

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Jada H : Jada Renee is a graduate of Kent State University and the CEO of The INDI Group, LLC based out of Houston , Texas and Cleveland, Ohio. INDI Media represents individuality within the arts and her organization serves as a platform for young artists to express themselves through media marketing encompassing creative services for musicians , fine artists , entrepreneurs and community organizations.Within the INDI brand, Jada works to help artists
enhance their creative marketing skills through creative direction and artist development , bookings and artist management. Renee has worked alongside local artists and startups in the midwest area enhancing brands with community building projects and creative and calculated marketing strategies. Her brand with INDI Media  caught the Interest of hip hop artist and global entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle as the two collaborated on a recent political initiative to increase the millennial voter count while discussing criminal justice reform.It is clear that Jada Renee and INDI Media are here to spark the creative change that the industry has been missing.


Natalie B : Natalie is a social worker specializing in treating addiction and trauma. She utilizes animal assisted interventions and community organizing focused on sustainability and civic participation to bring communities together. Natalie is using her skills to join Jada and Kia’s efforts to provide services to the Buckeye neighborhood, in addition to creating a campus around the art house that will ultimately lead to creating Cleveland’s first Green Community Land Trust.

Kia G : Kia Grayson is a social service professional and creative thinker with 9+ years of experience who routinely executes solutions to maximize return on investment and has the keen ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships with staff, stakeholders, community members and more. Getting her start in community development through her high school St. Martin de Porres High School's Corporate Work Study Program, Kia has interned for St. Clair Superior Development Corp, a local CDC, throughout her entire high school and college career. Kia graduated from Baldwin Wallace University earning her B.A. in Criminal justice with a minor in Urban Studies and Psychology and went on to work for the Cleveland CDC for 4 years. Kia is passionate about creating connections between people and transforming the minds of our community members to create a sense of responsibility that translates to overall ownership of the neighborhood. Through her work, she hopes to show the community that with meaningful projects and meaningful collaboration we can renew our neighborhoods to their former glory.


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