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Inspire The Uninspired.

By creating unique programming that addresses both neighborhood disinvestment and community trauma simultaneously, Destination Dream is a one-stop route to success for the youth of the City of Cleveland. In addition, Destination Dream’s combined private and public funding model will create multiple revenue streams, branding and fundraising opportunities that will connect competing entities and leverage existing services for residents of Cleveland and the Buckeye neighborhood. 

About Us

Destination Dream Foundation is a non-profit  organization that will take a multi-disciplinary approach to neighborhood revitalization.

Cleveland has many existing youth workforce development programs that suffer from low attendance due to poor resource coordination and lack of effective social media marketing.


Destination Dream’s programming has effectively utilized social media and word of mouth to facilitate 100% youth attendance and participation. Many neighborhoods in Cleveland, including Buckeye, have suffered from disinvestment caused by redlining that results in high crime rates, community trauma and illiteracy. Many residents come from low and working class income families. Destination Dream Foundation effectively meets youth and participants where they are at to empower them based on their own existing goals and needs


Our Courses

Destination Dream Foundation works to provide youth workforce training and entrepreneurship opportunities to youth in underdeveloped communities through partnerships with Harvey Rice wrap-around and other CMSD schools in addition to Cleveland Heights Public School District. Youth are educated on product creation, marketing, branding, social emotional learning, art and music.


Our Partners & Sponsors